Mon, 04/22/2024 - 17:41

TSUULL Hosts Distinguished Delegation from Tajikistan, 17 April

Delegations led by Osmanzoda Ayub Islam, rector of Bobojon Gafurov Khojand State University of neighboring Tajikistan, and Gulnazarzoda Jhilo, rector of  Sotim Ulugzoda International Foreign Languages University of Tajikistan, paid a visit to our university. Vice-rectors, deans, and department heads warmly welcomed the esteemed guests, setting the stage for an enriching exchange of ideas and collaboration.

Our Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Prof., Nozliya Normurodova, provided an insightful tour of our campus facilities, highlighting the innovative "Inclusive Education" laboratory. This specialized space creates practical programs tailored to students with disabilities, earning high praise from our Tajik counterparts. The "Uzbek School," dedicated to teaching foreigners about Uzbek language and culture, also left a lasting impression on our guests.

The delegation had the opportunity to visit several prominent research centers within our university. They were introduced to the cutting-edge work at Fuzuli scientific research center, which focuses on advancing knowledge in various fields. Additionally, Chingiz Aytmatov center of Kyrgyz language and culture, and the center of Turkish language and culture showcased the diverse academic pursuits within our institution.

Expressing their appreciation for the initiatives and facilities at TSUULL, our guests discussed plans for future collaboration. They also shared their vision for a future Tajik language and culture center within our university, indicating a desire for strong ties between our institutions.

The delegation commended TSUULL for its implemented work and facilities, acknowledging our commitment to academic excellence and inclusive education practices. Their proposals for close cooperation relations signify a promising future of collaboration between our universities.


As the visit concluded, both sides expressed enthusiasm for the potential of future partnerships and academic exchanges. The exchange of ideas and experiences during this visit laid the foundation for enhanced collaboration in education, research, and cultural exchange between TSUULL and Tajikistan's esteemed universities.

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TSUULL looks forward to continued dialogue and fruitful collaborations with our Tajik counterparts, fostering mutual understanding and academic growth.

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