Successful students


Xurramova Aziza

► Winner of the online competition "Pictures and videos" dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
► 2nd place holder in the university of the online photo contest "Spring Breath" of the Ministry of Higher Education.
► 3rd place holder it the university of the online video contest "Infographics" among students took.
Creator of an instagram profile for a university photo project called "Nigoh".
► Secretary for the official scientific channel of the Alisher Navoi Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature.
► Secretary for the blog of spiritual and educational work of the University of Uzbek Language and Literature.
► Graduate from the program of "One million Uzbek coders".


To’raboyeva Mahliyo

► Winner of the competition for the 100 best innovative projects of women in Uzbekistan in the nomination of the best innovative project amongst schoolgirls, 2018;
► Winner of the nomination for the best lecturer at the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference on Philology in the eyes of young researchers;
► Participant and organizer in international scientific conferences, seminars and workshops such as The Chance Forum, Union V, International Girls Summit, Republican Forum of Young Journalists, Philology in the eyes of young researchers, Alisher Navoi and the XXI century;
► Author about 300 films on the Youth TV and Radio Channel's programs such as Davr, Yangi Kun, Ana Tomosha;
► Author of a special film and about 10 social videos about talented, active and enterprising youth on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
► Author of a documentary film and a series of videos dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the official status of the Uzbek language; ► Author of about 20 social videos promoting the heritage of the Jadids among young people and the brightest representatives of Uzbek literature such as Alisher Navoi, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur;
► Member of the Youth Parliament under the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis;
► Member of the Public Council of the Executive Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan;
► Author of the blog of "Hello, young people!";


Homidova Gulnoza

► Participant of “Global Techwomen – 2019, startup weekend” by INHA University;
► Participant of “Chance” forum by Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature, 2019;
► Participant of “International Student Festival of Harkat, 2019” by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran in collaboration with Western Asian Development Institute;
► Participant of “English Language Small Grant Program” by US Embassy Tashkent, 2021;
► Participant of “Learning Python for Data Visualization” Online Course Supported by U.S. Embassy Tashkent from August 11 to November 4, 2021;
► Participant of “Dialogues about Russia” cultural and educational quiz-forum, 2021;
► Participant of Tashkent regional level of "The Innovative Student of TSUULL";


Uzoqova Mokhiyakhon

► Active participant of scientific conferences organized at the national and international levels from 2018 to 2021. To date, 9 scientific articles and theses have been published;
► Successful participant in the International Tashkent Model of United Nations (TIMUN) International Conference, 2021, organized in direct cooperation with the UN Office in Uzbekistan;
► Winner of the "Best Science-Based Article" at the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference "Philological Issues through the Eyes of Young Researchers", 2021;
► Co-author of Uzbek-Russian-English Glossary of Transport Terms, 2021;
► Member of the team of the Uzbek-language information corpus platform Tugro, which is carried out under the leadership of O.Abdullayeva in the framework of the research "Theoretical and practical foundations of the formation of the corpus of Internet information texts of the Uzbek language" since 2021


Olimjanov Orifjon

► Participant of the International Conference "Results of Research", organized by the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, and was awarded a certificate for his article on the works of Alisher Navoi, 2020;
► Winner of the poetry contest of the International Competition of Creative Works "Kadring baland bolsin, ona tilim" held by the Department of State Language Development of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and was awarded a certificate, 2020;
► Winner of the Youth Against Human Trafficking competition organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Central Asia and the Central Council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, 2020;
► Winner of the first place in the regional stage of the republican competition "Young Reader", 2021;
► Active in public affairs, in 2019 he was awarded a certificate by the Chairman of the Central Council of the Youth Union of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in 2020 the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Awarded with a letter of appreciation signed by the Minister of Health;
► Co-author of the book of practical lessons for students of 11th grade, 2019;
► Author of the revision of Alisher Navoi's ghazals in the office "Gharoyib us-sig'ar" so’z ichra jahangir”, 2021;


Pardayeva Nigina

► Diploma of the I degree, a certificate and a badge "Student Leader of the CIS" at the International "CIS - Talented Young Scientists Competition" held in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, Sep 28, 2021;
► Participant of the international competition "КОНКУРС МОЛОДЫХ УЧЁНЫХ " with an article and was awarded a diploma of I degree, Jan 25, 2021;
► Participant of the International Conference "Innovation in the modern education system" by the University of Washington in the United States awarded a certificate for the article "Linguoculturological analysis of proverbs and sayings in the Uzbek language", december 25, 2020;
► Participant in many international and national conferences with articles and awarded with certificates and diplomas during 2020 and 2021;
► Participant of the Moscow International scientific-educational magazine "Educated and science in the XXI century" for the article "The phenomenon of presupposition in linguistics." ISSN - 2658 - 7998, http: //, Dec 31, 2020;


Samatboyeva Madina

► Employee of the State Unitary Enterprise "Culture and Enlightenment" of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan;
► The article "The sociolects of English and Uzbek language (slang, jargon and slang)"published in the International Conference "Scientific Research for Development Future" in New York, USA;
► The article "Lexical semantic features of the concept of nickname in the lexicon of the Uzbek language ";
► Participant of the Republican scientific-practical conference "Important issues of education";
► The article “The etymology of anthroponyms in the history of property” (part 1 based on the predecessor) was published in the European journal of research and reflection in educational sciences;
(1001 UZBEK POETS) - An annual anthology of Ak Saray Literary Agency Edited by Lisa Eva. ns (America). (Poems published in America);


Boyatov Oybek

► Winner of the Navoi State Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year;
► Winner of the III place in the Republican competition "The best teacher of the Uzbek language of the year";
► The badge of "Excellence in Public Education" in 2021;


Ruzmetov Shakhzodbek

► Participant of the Republican contest "Tafakkur sinovlari", 2018-2019;
► Participant of the Republican competition "Requirements Theater Studio", 2019;
► Received a 35% discount from the Youth Union of Uzbekistan for his activism and leadership in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years;
► Leader of the Tashkent City Council of the "Active Citizen Debate", organized by the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment;
► Winner of the Alisher Navoi State Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year;
► Participant in a number of scientific and theoretical conferences since 2017, has published more than 20 scientific articles and theses on the history of Uzbek literature and classical poetics in the journals of the HAC and participated at conferences in a number of foreign countries, including the United States, Germany, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan;


Yusupov Samandar

► Winner of the contest "Language Scholars" held by the Fergana regional administration and was awarded a special diploma and souvenirs;
► Winner of the competition "Reader Youth" held by the Fergana regional administration and was awarded with diplomas and prizes, 2020;
► Winner of the first place in the regional stage of the republican competition "Young Reader" in 2021 and was awarded with souvenirs;
► Active participant of the Republican stage of the Student Olympiad in the specialty and was awarded a certificate;