Scientific school of Hamidjon Homidi

Scientific school of doctor of philology, professor Hamidjon Homidi

               The members of the scientific school “Koʻhna manbalar tadqiqi yoʻlida” (On the Way to the Study of Ancient Sources) deal with reserhing the history of our literature, literary relations, sources of translated literature. Such sources  as “Hofiz gʻazallariga Sudiy sharhi”, “Tazkirat-ul avliyo turkiy”, “Qissayi Siyovush”, “Shohnomayi turkiy”, “Kitobi podshoh Jamshid”, “Dorobnoma” have been explored and publicated.Hamidjon Homidi's scientific, creative and pedagogical activities can be demarcated into five areas: resource studies; the study of undiscovered aspects of writers’ lives in the history of Literature; tazkiranavis activity; translation; collection of our ethnographic sources. Text research is the study of a work of art on a micro level and the determination of its level. Hamidjon Homidi has published 10 monographs and pamphlets, more than 200 scientific and scientific- popular articles so far.
               To date, Professor Hamidjon Homidi has successfully mentored 2 DSc and 13 PhDs.