Overseas students


Our University has been sweet home far away from our overseas students’ home quite for some time. All of them have been positively impressed by the atmosphere we create for students wether they are local or international.




TSUULL is most of the times challenging academically, but overall, an excellent institution! It is very close to the city center, which is very welcoming and helpful all times. Both the city and university have balanced lifestyle where there is a lot of social and academic engagements. Many classes and professors are focused very much on teaching specifically material, research and experiments. There are a lot of opportunities to put the theory into practice, which does provide invaluable experience for graduates and get hired afterwards.

Ryan Schweitzer, USA, The Fulbright Program student researcher at Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature.




TSUULL is a great place to study! I have met a lot of friendly professors who simply make your university life a lot easier. Academic rigor is pretty clear, even not instructors are always available right on time when necessary. I met my lifetime professors in the Intercultural Communication and Tourism Department who truly care about my learning process and success as a student…

Li D idi, China, Independent Researcher at Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature




While attending the courses at TSUULL, I felt both supported and challenged. I have been exposed to a lot of obstacles in my way which help me grow both personally and academically. I have made sure a lot of times about my choice of the university since it appropriately served to achieve my future goals and aspirations.

Krista Joy, USA




I actually liked a lot about the university especially how campus can accommodate the grand diversity and the staff are so friendly and the best hosts ever. I just feel very included in the society even I am a total stranger. The university counseling is very supportive concerning academic advising and mental health.

Kristin Robinson, USA




As an out-of-country student, I have been prepared to encounter whole lot of new level in my life, and I think I have probably better prepared for it than anyone else, surprisingly, I did not feel overwhelmed at all. The experience overall is really great, Academically, as long as you plan and practice regularly, you can keep up with the workload pretty easily. Unexpectedly, people are overly friendly and hospitable. For an out-of-country student like me, I would probably say, this is the best deal I would think I could find.

Jan Oko, Poland




I have been studying at TSUULL for three years now and I should really say that the students I am studying with are the most supportive people ever. Besides, teachers always conduct interesting lessons and I think I have learnt a lot in terms of language and culture as well. Furthermore, I gained a lot of experience with different course that are held in our university

Ahmet Bozkurt, Turkey