Sat, 04/13/2024 - 14:47

TSUULL Hosts Another Engaging Session of International Seminar Exploring Linguistic and Literary Themes in Uzbek Language, 3 April

TSUULL hosted another captivating international theoretical-methodological seminar on April 3, 2024. Organized by the esteemed Faculty of Uzbek Philology, this seminar proved to be a dynamic platform for scholars, educators, and enthusiasts to delve into a diverse array of linguistic and literary topics.

Associate Professor Marhabo Umurzakova kicked off the event with a thought-provoking presentation titled "Social Factors Influencing Linguistic Persona in Literary Texts." With meticulous analysis and keen insight, Umurzakova explored the intricate ways in which societal influences shape the language personas found within literary works. Her presentation sparked lively discussions and shed new light on the intersection of language and society.

Following Umurzakova's engaging discourse, Teacher Olmos Khurramov took the stage to examine "The Portrayal of Babur in Fris Wurtle's 'The Prince of Andijan'." Khurramov's exploration of this historical figure's portrayal on a global scale offered a fresh perspective on the enduring significance of Babur's legacy. Through careful analysis of literary representation, Khurramov provided attendees with deeper insights into cultural interpretation and historical narrative.

Educator Norqulova Maftuna rounded out the series of talks with her commentary on "The Role of Irony in Ahmad Azam's 'Quroq'." Maftuna's examination of irony's function within literary compositions underscored its importance as a nuanced literary device. By highlighting Ahmad Azam's adept use of irony, Maftuna showcased the depth and versatility of this element in storytelling.


In addition to the enlightening presentations, the seminar featured engaging conversations led by esteemed scholars including Professors Bakhtiyor Abdushukurov, Iqboloy Adizova, Associate Professor Iroda Azimova, Ilhom Sayitkulov, and Associate Professor Komiljon Hamroyev. Their insightful discussions and exchange of viewpoints fostered a lively interchange of ideas among attendees, which included independent researchers, doctorate candidates, and faculty instructors.


Overall, the seminar left a profound impact on all participants, with its lively debates and enriching academic discussions. TSUULL continues to uphold its reputation as a leading institution in fostering intellectual discourse and advancing knowledge in the fields of linguistics and literature.

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